Steven Brennfleck, Tenor

“It is hard to believe that it took almost 6 years of college level voice study for me to realize that no one had taught me HOW to learn to sing.  How does one find the connection between music and text?  How does one internalize an aria or recit to the point where one becomes a vessel for expressing the composer’s intent?  What tools can one utilize to learn that tongue-twisting line of text or that long chromatic cadenza?  This is why Susan Ashbaker’s class was so important and beneficial to me.  There we learned that the “product” will only be as good as the “process” we employ to get it and what tools are at our disposal to do so.”  Steven Brennfleck, tenor

Erin Berger, Opera SInger

“You are a wonderful coach and teacher…..If I did something that wasn’t right or you thought could be improved, you explained why and then gave me a way to fix it……I truly appreciate the way you work and also the way you treat others……You gave me tools that I can use even now that the program is over.”  Erin Berger, Opera Singer, (Participant, International Vocal Arts Institute/Montreal)

Elem Eley, Professor of Voice

“This private coaching was a half-hour exploration of effectives ways to approach and learn a challenging song…..throughout the entire process…Susan was exceeding clear, encouraging and highly observant of the students efforts…..I left this observation greatly impressed….This was a very fine demonstration of observant and effective teaching.”  Elem Eley, Professor of Voice, Westminster Choir College, Rider University

Eric Owens, bass-baritone

“In Susan you will find an artist who is always seeking the utmost quality of musicianship, and a steadfast commitment to serving this precious art form that brings joy to so many; and it is with that joy that she strives, each and every day, to live up to the high standards that she has set for herself and everyone around her.  It always puts me at ease knowing that whenever I coach with her, she’ll have an understanding and insight of whatever repertoire I put in front of her, and she’ll have a mastery of all things necessary to have the music be what it’s supposed to be.”  Eric Owens, bass-baritone

Meredith Arwady, contralto

“From her wonderful playing to her understanding of how a singer needs to approach an aria, Susan stands out among coaches I’ve worked with as a true singer’s coach.”  Meredith Arwady, contralto

Amanda Robie, mezzo-soprano

“Both the master class and the individual consultation were extremely refreshing and valuable.  I appreciate your candid opinion and advice… It was great to get an honest opinion… It was also very helpful to get repertoire suggestions that will further showcase my strengths.  Most importantly, the exercises you gave us are invaluable.  I have already started to incorporate some in my practice and look forward to doing the work and hearing the results.”  Amanda Robie, mezzo-soprano

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