Learning from Matthew Rose

It is always wonderful when the tables turn and a student you have worked with teaches the teacher, or in this case, the coach. Having gone to the Metropolitan Opera with two singers that I currently work with, Gerard Michael D’Emilio and Kelsey Stark, to see Britten’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in October, I was greeted backstage by three former students from The Curtis Institute of Music – Matthew Rose (Bottom), Elizabeth DeShong (Hermia) and Evan Hughes (Starveling). They had each performed spectacularly. Matthew’s performance of Bottom truly defines the role. It was beautifully sung and acted with great skill.  Michael mentioned to Matthew that he really enjoyed Matthew’s new recording of Schubert’s Winterreise. This resulted in Matthew journeying to my studio in Philadelphia to work with Michael. Matthew’s insight into the song cycle was amazing. He had not left any word, rhythm, note, dynamic, or meaning unturned. Michael and I listened and learned in amazement. If you have not yet purchased Matthew’s recording, it is a must have. I have listened several times to the journey that Matthew invites us on, and am grateful to know both the music,and the wonderful man who is singing it. Schubert’s Winterreise by Matthew Rose can be found on Amazon.

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